Frequently Asked Questions

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Special Events & custom


What’s your process like? How do we get started?

  1. Fill out the initial questionnaire, which will allow us to make the most of our first appointment.

  2. We’ll set an initial appointment. We’ll use that time to go over your needs, wants, and lifestyle. Based on that information we’ll look through fabric and design options, then fit the clothing.

  3. If you have a garment that fits you well, bring it with you. It gives us a starting place. 

  4. You’ll receive an emailed invoice for detailing the fabric and styling of each garment. Once you review and to confirm these details, the order will be placed. 

  5. You’ll be able to track your order online. Orders normally take 6-8 weeks. 

  6. Once your garments are received, you’ll come in for a first fitting, we can adjust the fit, if necessary. Alterations typically take seven to ten business days. 

  7. Once altered garments are derived, we’ll have a second fitting. Most of the time, a third fitting isn’t necessary.

  8. Start wearing your new clothes! Get more information on how we’ll help you build a great wardrobe, and on the services we offer.

Do you offer rush services?

  • We can rush a shirt order for a charge of $100 per order. A rush shirt order is 10 <<business?>> days.

  • Suits can be rushed for $150 per garment. The time to complete a rush order will be between two and three weeks.

  • Shipping can also be expedited. Those charges will be determined once the order has been made and will be determined by the manufacturer. (I have found that rush shipping usually runs $50 to $100.)

  • Established Sartorial does not charge for rush orders. The charges listed above are imposed by the manufacturer.

I’m getting married. What do I do next?

Congratulations! Most suits can be ordered and delivered in the standard time frame: six to eight weeks. Certain styles — tuxedos, morning coats and waistcoats, for example — may require a few extra weeks. The best way to ensure that you get everything you need (without paying rush charges) is to come in for your first fitting as soon as you’ve chosen a date. Generally, we recommend placing your order four months before the wedding.

  • We’ll schedule the fittings for every man in the wedding party — it’s one less thing to worry about. Just give us a list of names and contact information, and we’ll meet to go over measurements and fit whenever their schedules allow. We can also set up a groom’s party, where the groom and his entourage can get measured and choose fabrics at the same time. <<research how people offer these services>>

  • Secondary fittings can take place in the same way. Once the suits have arrived, we’ll meet with the groom and his men individually, or we can take care of the whole gang all at once (which usually provides the bride with some peace of mind). Alterations should be taken care of one to two weeks prior to the wedding.

  • Do some members of the groom’s party live outside of Austin? No problem. We can perform a virtual fitting online. Victor will walk the client through the measurement process using video to ensure that the measurements are taken accurately.

When your family

Becomes Established

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Fabrics & Tailoring


Where do you source your fabrics?

We use cloth from both Italian and English mills. Although this list is not exhaustive, and may change, we currently offer fabrics from Vitale Barberis Canonico, Carlo Barbera, Holland and Sherry, Huddersfield, Scabal and Marzoni. Working with a variety of suppliers allows us to meet a wide range of customer needs: from lightweight wools suitable for hot and humid climates to bold colors and patterns designed for the man who wants to make a statement, we can guide you through the fabric selection process to choose the color, weight and type of material that best meets your needs.

Where are your garments made?

Your garments can be made in either Hong Kong or the United States.

  • Our US partner is Adrian Jules in Rochester NY. Since 1964, this family-owned tailor has been applying Italian-American handwork technique to modern design. One of only two “Grade 6” menswear brands still in existence, the family takes great pride in adhering to the great traditions of menswear design and production.

  • Our custom shirts are also made by a multi-generation, family-owned company — Mel Gambert. Opened in 1933 in Newark, NJ, the Gambert family has been crafting menswear for more than 80 years. But these aren’t your grandfather’s shirts — their fabric and styling options allow men of every build and personality to create shirts that compliment his body and meet the demands of his life.

  • We’re proud to partner with Platinum in Hong Kong. This more affordable option provides the best quality we’ve found in the region. Suits made by Platinum are imported by Adrian Jules.

What if I change size in the next year or two?

Alterations on the initial custom garment are always free of charge. Future alterations do incur a nominal fee. <<Do we need to say anything about this — I want to know more than if there is a charge or not. How much? How easy is it to alter a garment? If I’m in the process of losing weight, is there a way I can make this easier/cheaper? Do I get a discount on volume? I would love to tie this into a weight-loss package. <<10 lbs is no problem; ;weight changes +/- 20 pounds may be more difficult; more than 3” in to 1.5” out>>>>

What limitations do you have on styles you offer?

  • We like to offer our customers a wide variety of options. In addition to most standard modern styles, we can accommodate more unique requests like double breasted vests or lapels in a contrasting fabric. There are hundreds of options — more than we can list. And they’re changing all the time! So if you’re interested in a specific style or design, please ask. We love unusual requests!

  • We have hundreds of available options: ticket pockets, ........ — there are too many to list. We’ve found that the best way to serve our clients begins by learning<<link>>. Who you are — your personality and attitudes — should be reflected in your clothes. So when you begin working with Established Sartorial, we’ll explore options that are aligned with how you want to express yourself. If you have a special request, please e-mail photos and descriptions. You might want to begin by looking online for guys that have the kind of look you want to emulate. We can go through these images and determine the right way to help you express yourself and take advantage of your natural strengths.

Traditional technique,

modern design

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Prices, Returns & Exchanges


How much is custom clothing?

The cost of custom clothing can vary widely based on fabric, styling and manufacturer. The costs below represent a starting point.

  • Sport coats start at $895, two-piece suits at $1200, three-piece suits at $1500, and shirts at $195.

  • Packages are available:

    • Two custom suits and three shirts ( 1 white, 1 blue, 1 check or fashion color) start at $2600.

I live in another state, how do you handle shipping and alterations?

  • Shipments are done by Priority Mail via USPS. You will be provided a tracking number and if you want the delivery confirmed by signature. Without signature confirmation I cannot cover lost or stolen packages

  • Alterations - most of the time there won’t need to be much done to it, but if there is, we offer up to $75 in <<covered alterations that will be repaid to the client; this is only out of state>>. We ask that you have someone take photos of you wearing the garments from the front back and sides with your arms to your sides. With the jacket on and off and the shirt tucked in. This is so we can see how it fits and give appropriate feedback and make corrections to your future orders. 

Returns <<I would look for professional guidance here>>

We try to mitigate all style and fabric decisions and will double check both orally and on the invoice that we cover everything, therefore once the decision is made we cannot offer refunds. If the fit is subpar then we will either make the corrections necessary or remake the garment to satisfy the client. If that isn’t satisfactory then returns can be made. <<Not sure how to phrase this correctly>>

What forms of payment do you accept?

  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express as well as PayPal and Apple Pay. <<Do you take checks, or have a check policy?>>