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You’re unique. To create the right wardrobe, we have to integrate a number of practical dynamics — where you live, who you work for, and your daily routine — into the development your personal style.

  • Where do you work? Who do you associate with? We want to make sure you look your best — within an appropriate framework. Images in fashion magazines may impress at an advertising firm, but give the wrong impression at a financial institution.

  • How much do you move? Sit? Walk? Sweat? These considerations can impact styling and fabric decisions and influence the development of your wardrobe.

  • Who are you? What are you going to say? As we select styles and colors, we focus on how to help you project your own unique style — to give voice to your personality and intrinsic style.

  • We offer two styles of services, based on the clients needs: custom clothing design and fitting, and image management. Many clients just need a new suit — something that fits well and looks sharp. Others feel like they’re wearing someone else’s clothes. We’ve created several service offerings to meet specific needs.

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Image Consulting

$500 for the first appointment; $100/hour afterward

Your style can become your calling card. It can improve your visibility, and give you the edge over your competition. The way you present yourself gives clients, customers and coworkers a wealth of information — and influences their decisions.

An image consultation is the best way to refine your message.

  • We’ll go through your wardrobe and assess the fit, condition and wearability of what you already have, keep what’s useful and donate everything else.

  • Based on our conversations, we’ll create an action plan for future purchases of both custom clothing and off-the-rack, including accessories and shoes.

  • You’ll receive access to an online “wardrobe” of your clothing that includes advice on what to wear with what, as well as styling choices and how to care for your garments. As you make purchases, we’ll add them to your online closet, creating new options for ensembles.

  • Consultation customers receive $100 off their first custom order.

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Personal Shopping

Some men hate to shop. Finding the right tie or shoes to pair with your new custom suit can be time consuming and frustrating. Casual clothes can be a challenge as well — it can be hard to find something that’s flattering if you’re not a 20-year-old fitness model. We’re here to help.

  • Personal shopping services are only available to custom clothing and image consulting clients. New clients receive $100 off initial personal shopping services.

  • The time we spend together will be targeted and planned — we won’t just be wandering around a department store. At each location, I’ll bring you a selection of options to choose from that have been previously set aside for your visit. Selections will be based on the recommendations developed during the initial consultation.

  • You’re not obligated to purchase anything — these are options, not requirements. As we work together, we’ll refine your style, making shopping services more productive while enhancing your image.

  • We’ll take photos of your selections to add to your online closet, and update your styling recommendations.

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Custom Clothing

The majority of our clients are looking for high-quality clothes that fit perfectly — something that most of us can’t find on the rack. If you’re interested in adding custom clothing to your wardrobe, a good place to start is our online analysis. It provides some thought-provoking questions that can shake up your assumptions and help us develop a plan.


special programs

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Special Events

Clothes mark a rite of passage. They commemorate the special transitions of our lives — a wedding, a graduation, the first day at the new firm. We look back at these special moments, and they become the way we measure time. The way you present yourself on these occasions makes a lasting impression — one you’ll remember for many years to come.

We design custom suits for wedding parties, individuals and groups of all kinds. Whether your team needs to make a strong impression at an awards dinner or alongside a phalanx of bridesmaids, we can dress men of every size, helping each one to look his very best.

Discounts are available for groups of four or more, and we can accommodate many different special requests. We’re honored to be a part of your special celebration.

  • Most suits can be ordered and delivered in the standard time frame: six to eight weeks. Certain styles — tuxedos, morning coats and waistcoats, for example — may require a few extra weeks. The best way to ensure that you get everything you need (without paying rush charges) is to come in for your first fitting as soon as you’ve chosen a date. Generally, we recommend placing your order four months before the wedding.

  • We’ll schedule the fittings for every man in the wedding party — it’s one less thing to worry about. Just give us a list of names and contact information, and we’ll meet to go over measurements and fit whenever their schedules allow. We can also set up a groom’s party, where the groom and his entourage can get measured and choose fabrics at the same time. <<research how people offer these services>>

  • Secondary fittings can take place in the same way. Once the suits have arrived, we’ll meet with the groom and his men individually, or we can take care of the whole gang all at once (which usually provides the bride with some peace of mind). Alterations should be taken care of one to two weeks prior to the wedding.

  • Do some members of the groom’s party live outside of Austin? No problem. We can perform a virtual fitting online. Victor will walk the client through the measurement process using video to ensure that the measurements are taken accurately. Questions? We’re here to help.


When you decide to lose weight — to transform your appearance — your wardrobe has to change as well. For many people (including Victor) the struggle to alter your appearance can be compounded by the cost and complexity of throwing out everything you own (including your underwear) and replacing it with something stylish that fits a now unfamiliar body.

We’ve developed a special program for people who have lost a great deal of weight, as well as those who are going through the process. We can work with you in any stage of your journey, and we’ll help you choose the right clothes for each step, accommodating your budget in the process. Buying the right pieces at the right time can make it much easier to continue your weight loss journey; we’re here to help you look your best in your clothes, while you work hard to look your best when you’re out of them.

Contact Victor for more information.



Every year, we become more established. We advance in our careers, add to our families, and become more deeply engaged in organizations and communities. As you climb the ladders, you’ll probably need to change your appearance — sneakers give way to oxfords; t-shirts are formalized by the addition of a stylish sport coat. When your environment shifts; when your life presents new opportunities, contact Established Sartorial. We’ll help you transform your appearance and accommodate new opportunities.