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Custom clothing isn’t about designers or trends. It’s not about standardized male models. It’s about you. 

Our customers are individuals, each a blend of professionalism and personality. And when we craft the perfect garment, designing clothes that enhance the body and reflect the mind, we want to show off our work. Below you’ll find a few of our Established Gentlemen. We’re proud of their accomplishments, and grateful that they’ve chosen to share their stories.

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"No one teaches men how to dress growing up. My mom's idea for well-dressed was to buy clothes too large for me to hide how fat I was. I wanted to change that, which was one of the reasons that I bought a custom three-piece suit from Victor. I expected to get compliments when I wore the entire ensemble (I have), but I was more surprised that I received compliments when I just wore the trousers or just the shirt. I'll be the first person to tell you that I don't have a discerning eye, but it's nice that other people notice quality in any form without screaming "LOOK AT MY SUIT!!!" It's definitely pricier than I expected, but Victor worked within my budget (and didn't push me to overspend) and optimized what I received. I would absolutely recommend working with Victor.”

— Yuxi D.

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