A Custom Experience


It begins with you.

It's not perfect measurements that make a great suit — it's you. Your style. Your personality. Custom tailoring achieves its full potential when your clothing compliments both your body and your mind. That's why our process begins by learning about you.

How do you want to be perceived? How do you move? How do you want to feel? These questions are answered in wool and silk and linen; in fit and cut and color. During your initial appointment, we'll discuss all of these dynamics — your hopes and expectations and how we can meet them.


Decisions, Decisions…

Custom garments are the result of dozens of individual decisions.

A suit can be cut to ensure free movement or to enhance the body's shape. Details work together to convey sophistication or a more casual style. Lightweight wools and linens can keep you crisp in the summer, and a rich tweed can add warmth to the holidays. Tailored clothes aren’t designed for every size 42; they are reflections of how you live and who you want to be.

Our process begins with a conversation. We'll talk about your professional life and your social set. We'll discuss your aspirations and how your appearance can help you reach your goals. We pay close attention to where and when you will be wearing your clothes, carefully constructing a wardrobe that keeps you looking your best wherever you go. Instead of buying individual pieces at different times and hoping that they will work together, we can also analyze your full wardrobe, incorporating what you have with what you want, and ensuring you always have exactly what you need.


Measure Twice

Bodies are not buildings. We move. We grow (and shrink). Tailored clothing doesn’t just have to look good — it has to fit well and keep us comfortable. 

During your first fitting, we’ll discuss your activities and determine what garments best accommodate the way you move. Do you play the drums? We’ll make sure your movement is easy and unrestricted. Want to show off the results of two years in the gym? We can tailor your clothes to enhance your sculpted physique. Whether we tailor to minimize imperfections or maximize movement, we’ll create clothes that are perfectly proportioned to your body and your life. 

During your second fitting, we’ll ensure that the clothes have been produced to your specifications, then make any adjustments. At this fitting we'll also review the shirts, ties and accessories that complete the look. 

One tailoring is complete, we’ll assemble the entire ensemble. We can go through all of your options — from shoes to collar stays — and take photos of the full look. These pictures can serve as a reference later on, so you’ll always know the best way to mix and match shirts, pants, jackets and accessories. And, if you like, we can include your photos in our portfolio of Established men.  

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